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Rabbits are very important to every farmer as they provide meat and many other benefits. Just like any other living thing, rabbits also require food and the best food for rabbits is hay. Hay is generally the major component of rabbits’ diets. Among the many benefits that hay for rabbits come with, boost of the intestinal and dental health of the rabbits are some of the key ways through which your rabbit can benefit from being fed with hay. For a complete rabbit’s diet, you must choose hay that contains all the components.

Below are some of the major components that should be in hay for rabbits to promote a healthy growth of the rabbit. Fresh grass is something that hay for your rabbits can have and when buying hay, make sure that it contains fresh grass. You can take your rabbit on a small field with fresh grass and allow it to graze. You can also cut the grass and scatter it around the rabbit’s pen. The second component of hay is dried grass. Legumes, oats and many other herbaceous plants can also be great components of hay for your rabbit.

There are however some key things that you should take into account before choosing or buying hay for your rabbit. The following are the top things to take into account when buying hay for your cattle, rabbit or any other grazing animal in your place. You should ensure that you check the quality of hay you buy before buying it for your grazing animal.

Quality hay should contain enough fibre, protein and calcium for strong bones and teeth development. When buying hay for your rabbit, horse and cattle, ensure that the forage is mature enough as mature forages have more fibre and other nutrients. To get mature hay, choose the one with flowered legumes and also with seed heads for grasses. A good hay should have legumes, oats, barley and all the necessary components. It is very important to choose soft hay for your rabbit since hard hay may be difficult to consume. Hay that has a sweet smell is an incentive for the rabbit or horse to consume as the animals are attracted to it. Ensure that the hay you choose looks fresh and not bleached as this will capture the animal’s attention and ease its consumption.

Seed hays, occasional hays, variety hays and many other types of hays are popular to many farmers.

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